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After 17 years as a professional wedding & portrait photographer EVERYTHING CHANGED when I shot my first boudoir session.  I realized this was different than any other genre...this type of photography CHANGES LIVES. Boudoir photography moves women forward on their journey of self love, it excites spouses and lovers, it heals hearts and opens eyes.  There is nothing else like it.  

Sometimes amongst the grind, the hustle, the chaos, the heartache, the financial troubles, the loss (you know-this thing called LIFE) all it takes is to see something beautiful and our hope returns - our spirits raise.


At Hello Beautiful Boudoir, we give you glimpse of "beautiful" in the chaos of life and that "beautiful" is YOU.

Your imperfections are welcome here -your brokenness, quirkiness, fear, doubt, timidness, your dimples, rolls, extra weight...every bit of you is welcome here.


Our mission is to show you that you are extraordinary and worthy today, exactly as you are.   


You are perfectly imperfect and you are enough.

Reclaim your beauty, grab hold of your sexy, embrace and celebrate YOU. 








Hello! I'm Lindsey Van Roy, your boudoir photographer 





Sara S. 

Lindsey did an amazing job of making the entire experience really fun, even though I was super nervous going into it. She is extremely professional and was very sensitive to my insecurities, which really put me at ease during the shoot. She has a way of making you feel beautiful, flaws and all. It’s obvious that she loves what she does and really cares about her customers’ needs. Having recently turned 40, it was something I wanted to do for myself, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the results. The images turned out beautifully, and I could hardly believe.....

Jackie K.

I have been working with Lindsey for years. I always wanted to do a Boudoir shoot just for myself... I just turned 40, have three kids and a grandchild! I wanted to do something for ME! Something to make me feel beautiful. I knew I only wanted Lindsey to do just that for me.... I had all of the usual doubts, I'm too fat, I need to lose 10 pounds first, Blah Blah Blah! I almost cancelled due to my own insecurities, but instead I trusted Lindsey and Erin to do what they do best. The results go without saying, Kardashians . . . eat your heart out! I was STUNNED when I saw the images. Amazing work!

Amy T.

 For years I thought about doing a boudoir photo session, but was always hesitant for numerous reasons. Self-confidence, being uncomfortable, and how they would turn out. Beyond being a very talented photographer, Lindsey has a great presence about her, which is why I also chose her to do my photos. She shows excitement in her work, makes you feel SO good about yourself ( as you should!), And makes your session fun and enlightening. This by far, was a very fun experience and every women should consider doing one... 

Taylor H.

I recently had another photoshoot with Lindsey. I scheduled with her for the first time awhile back and her skills & talent brought me back to her again! The quality of her work speaks for itself. She was always professional & will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, giving direction when needed. What has stood out... is when I compare her photos with other photographers I've shot with, I can tell hers has passion & she captures you in such a beautiful way. Not only does she deliver beautiful photos, she gives you an experience to feel beautiful!! Highly Recommended!



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