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It's time to leave body hate at the door and step into feeling like
a luscious Goddess who loves and adores her body.
It's time for your very own transformational boudoir experience.
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Self love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.
~Lalah Deliah
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Are you ready to release the "I am not enough" story and heal and release the shame and embarrassment around your body and shift into a woman who feels sexy, sensual, and more satisfied in her own skin?

If you've answered "yes" a boudoir photoshoot is for you.


Everyone I've ever photographed has been just as nervous, just as worried about the investment, just as scared that they couldn't pull it off----but their WHY outweighed their EXCUSES. Some of the WHY's I hear often:


-'To heal from all of emotional abuse I've experienced in the past, both from romantic relationships and from my parents. I want to see myself for who I am, not for who they say I am.'


-'To finally be able to see in myself what all of my loved ones see.'


-'To do something for myself. I always do for others and I'm always on the back burner. Not today.'


-'To do something out of my comfort zone. I need to know that I can still be sexy and be a mom of four + a wife.'


-'To remind myself that I am desirable and hot AF even though I haven't had a date in years.' 


I want you to sit with yourself and this question: "WHY do I REALLY want to do this?" Once you DECIDE to commit to that why, the excuses are going to evaporate.  Lemme ask you this question: What is worse? A few nerves leading up to this experience, or a lifetime of wishing you'd gone for it and wondering what could have come from it if you had?


Today is the day to choose YOU - No more excuses my friend.

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After 17 years as a professional wedding & portrait photographer EVERYTHING CHANGED when I shot my first boudoir session.  I realized this was different than any other genre...this type of photography CHANGES LIVES. Boudoir photography moves women forward on their journey of self love, it excites spouses and lovers, it heals hearts and opens eyes.  There is nothing else like it.  

After photographing over 400 women I am still in love with being a woman's empowerment photographer.  My 21 years of professional portrait experience, my eye for detail, light, art and my passion for empowering women has allowed me to instill confidence, jaw dropping awe and inspiration in  every woman I photograph. It is my promise to you that you LOVE your images or you get your money back.

Sometimes amongst the grind, the hustle, the chaos, the heartache, the financial troubles, the loss (you know-this thing called LIFE) all it takes is to see something beautiful and our hope returns - our spirits raise.


It is my goal to give you glimpse of "beautiful" in the chaos of life and that "beautiful" is YOU.

Your imperfections are welcome here -your brokenness, quirkiness, fear, doubt, timidness, your dimples, rolls, extra weight...every bit of you is welcome..


My mission is to show you that you are extraordinary and worthy today, exactly as you are.   


You are perfectly imperfect and you are enough.

Reclaim your beauty, grab hold of your sexy, embrace and celebrate YOU. Book your session today.


I am honored to introduce my makeup artist Erin, who I have worked with exclusively for almost 10 years - together we are two women on a mission...

~ With combined professional experience of over 31 years - you are in the very best hands. 


~We want to show you how insanely gorgeous you truly are. You are sexy AF- we want you to know it and to OWN IT.

~We keep your privacy our number one priority and keep you feeling safe, comfortable, sexy and EMPOWERED through this process. 


~We believe empowered women, empower women. It is our goal to empower you to love yourself, embrace your body as it is and encourage other women to do the same. The world is a better place when women lift up women!

Want to get to know us better? Watch us LIVE and be in on the daily deets.  Join our 5,000+ women strong PRIVATE FB group here:  THE PERFECTLY IMPERFECT WOMEN OF HBB

We can't wait to meet you there!!!

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Aren't you tired of the same negative body image thoughts that cycle through your head day in and day out? Isn't it time for you to release the "I am not enough" story you are telling yourself?  Let me answer that for you. Yes. It is.  And I want to assure are beautiful just as you are AND you are worthy of this experience today. 

Boudoir photography (I prefer to call it  "woman's empowerment" photography) is for women of ALL ages and ALL sizes.  Don't let that nagging little voice in your head stop you from this experience - you are too valuable to allow negative self talk to sabotage the things you want most in life. Women will tell themselves 101 reasons why they shouldn't do a boudoir session. Don't be one of them! Be more powerful than the voice in your head that tries to hold you back from moving outside of your comfort zone to growth and greatness.

This experience is for YOU.  No relationship or partner is necessary to reap the rewards of our transformational boudoir experiences. There is no need to have someone to gift your images to - this is a GIFT FOR YOU. 


Let me guess, you're worried you don't know how to look sexy??? Leave that to me. I will coach and pose you from head to toe. You will be left  breathless  with timeless, classic , sophisticated images that you will adore for so many years to come.

CONFIDENCE IS NOT NECESSARY.  This experience will INSPIRE and awaken confidence within.  Just get scheduled and we've got you covered.  Allow me to capture this season of your life - your trials, your victories and your strength....all of what makes you beautiful.

WANT THE JUICY DEETS? Fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon.


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