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Why We Include Hair & Makeup and Why You Will LOVE IT

Why do we include professional hair and makeup in our boudoir shoots?

The first is simply because our studio equipment (cameras, lenses) are top of the line and will pick up every pore and hair on your beautiful face (no one wants that though, am I right?). Having your hair and makeup done hides any imperfections you may have on the day of your shoot and helps accentuate your bone structure, eyes, etc. which will really stand out in your photos! Our Hair and Makeup Artist, Erin Ala Amazing, will work with you on creating the perfect look that best suits you and your style.

The second reason is that Boudoir can be a little intimidating for most women and that’s totally understandable. Truth be told it can actually be nauseating for some women until they actually get in our doors. We want to make this experience as relaxing and stress-free as possible for you, that last thing we want is for you to have to deal with a makeup artist you arranged cancelling on you or even worse someone who doesn’t know how to do makeup for the camera creating a disaster on your face. Yes, the camera sees differently then we do. Allow me to explain….

When its time for the big reveal women react in two ways…the mirror is raised to their face and they cry tears of joy, they love it, or the doubt starts to set in. It looks like A LOT of makeup. It feels foreign. It’s way more than most women are used to. But fear not, what professionals know, that the average person does not, is that the camera washes away 40-50% of your makeup. Its the same reason we exaggerate our poses, if they are done subtly they often go unnoticed. Simply stated, I need you to trust the process, especially if you are woman who never wears makeup. You LOVE our images, right? You chose us for a reason, right? Than trust that we’ve got you covered. Our clients SHINE, and you will too! I say time and time again “just get ourself through our door and I promise we got you!!”



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