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Stop Comparing Yourself


There is so much inspiration to be found as you explore the internet for ideas to use in a boudoir photo session. Remembering your restrictions and physical abilities is often lost while browsing the fantastic world of instagram or facebook. And even worse, the habit of comparing yourself to what you see, can often turn into discouragement if not kept in focus. It’s fine to browse but let’s remember – you are uniquely you – stay focused on THAT while you browse.

For example: You find a sexy pose that a woman is in on instagram, excitedly you attempt to reenact and FAIL – in the end it looks nothing like what you envisioned. You forgot along the way…you are not her- you are YOU.

While we know anything is possible we must keep our limitations in mind. “Can my body arch like that?” “Will my knees be able to handle the flooring long enough to capture this pose?” “ Will I be able to get up if I get down there?” These are all things we need to consider when fantasizing about the outcome of our boudoir session. See the image and the potential. But don’t compare yourself. Make it your own while using the inspiration of others. And more importantly trust your professional boudoir photographer to pose you in a way that works with any limitations and not against them.


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