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No Such Thing as "Too Big" for Boudoir


Yes, I said it and I mean it. Coming from a woman who struggles daily with feeling “less than” or “inadequate” because I can’t seem to get my weight under control, I totally understand the negative and sabotaging self talk. I understand how hard it is to think that RIGHT NOW, almost back at my heaviest, is a good time to have a Boudoir Session. Well, it is. I witness every day, the power of seeing oneself through someone else’s eyes. I’m in the process of planning my boudoir shoot at 216 lbs. because I know, for a fact, it will help my mindset. It’s exactly what I need to pull my brain out of the gutter and have the wake up call I need to love myself right now.

I know you don’t believe me. It’s often hard to remember that your body is beautiful in every season of your life. We all go through different seasons, each of us on a different journey. You are a woman to be celebrated. Your body has been through so much and it brought you to this point. Even if it’s not what you consider IDEAL, it is, in fact, the beautiful vessel for your soul. It’s taken you places, brought you through sorrow, defeated cancer, walked you down the aisle at your wedding, walked you out the door of abusive relationships, it bore your children, it keeps you breathing, fighting and living every single day. It’s worth celebrating exactly as it is.

For those of you on a weight loss journey or who want to begin a weight loss journey, it’s especially important to love your body exactly the way it is. When you love yourself, you learn to be kind to yourself, which makes it easier to make the healthy decisions your body needs you to make. Does that mean you shouldn’t lose weight? Not necessarily- that could be very important to your future health depending on your personal life. It simply means to love yourself…and not to hate yourself. If healthy change is what you need HATE will not get your there. You must be worthy in your own eyes to LOVE and treat your vessel in a healthy, positive way. Boudoir is a beautiful way to commemorate your body and to love it exactly as it is. Women who want to lose weight or think they’re ‘too big’ for sessions like this, often arrive hesitant about what their final photos will look like. Every single one has left loving everything about their photos. They learn to fall in love with themselves and their weight after their boudoir session. Boudoir photography is a tool in learning to love yourself. And once you love yourself, the process of being kind to yourself is much easier.


I know you still have reservations. You have love handles. You have rolls. You have cellulite. (so does 99% of women btw) You are in a size that makes you want to cry. You’re afraid you’ll look awkward or not like all of the other beautiful images you’ve seen. You think only skinny girls can look good in these kinds of photos.

Do you want to know my secret? It’s posing and angles. Earlier this year I taught 100’s of other professional photographers the art “Posing Plus Sized Women”. It’s a passion of mine, one I hold dear to my heart, it’s personal for me. My point in sharing this is to assure you that you are in the very best hands possible. I know how to pose you to hide or minimize your personal areas of insecurity.

I want you to know, I’ve got you! You’ve got this! We’ve got this! Let’s celebrate your body exactly the way it is now! Your weight doesn’t define you and I genuinely hope you take this positive step in your self love journey and treat yourself to a luxurious boudoir experience. You deserve it. You are worthy exactly as your are today.



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