Celebrating 60 - Wisconsin Boudoir Session

"My friend (and hair stylist), Diane, asked me if I'd be interested in joining her in getting some boudoir photos taken in Kimberly, Wisconsin.  It sounded like a fun "girls trip", so I said, "Yes!".

We had heard and read great things about Lindsey and Erin, our make-up artist and hair stylist of the day, so we were giddy with anticipation during the two hour drive.

Erin was waiting for us when we arrived.  We were pleasantly surprised by the feel and look of the studio.  It was tasteful and attractive.  Erin is truly talented and made us not only look, but feel beautiful.  She offered us champagne and the atmosphere was friendly and inviting while I watched Diane get her make-up done. 

Lindsey is amazing!  She was very specific about how we should sit or stand or lay which lead to beautiful photographs.  We were so comfortable with her that we had no problem running around the studio in our skimpy clothing.  We had no idea, though, how difficult some of the positions we needed to get into would be!  We laughingly cooperated, trusting that Lindsey knew what she was talking about.

The choices presented to us were breath taking. Lindsey has an eye and demeanor that made the day of our session memorable and the finished product exquisite.

I just turned 60 and cannot believe how beautiful I look in the photo album put together by Lindsey. Now, when I look in the mirror, I see more than a reflection. I see my beauty projected in these pictures. What a wonderful gift to myself! I have the memory of a fabulous outing with my friend and the concrete evidence of my inner and outer beauty in the stunning album Lindsey created."

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