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Celebrating the "Not So Good" Seasons of Life

As you ponder the thought of committing to booking a boudoir session, let me assure you that you don't need to have a special "reason". YOU alone are reason enough. Don't get me wrong, I am all for the birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary, etc., shoots -they truly are amazing and I still encourage you to book for those types of shoots. But simply stated, no matter the season or reason you are considering...YOU are worthy and you will not regret celebrating exactly where you are today.

I know there are those of you who are wondering if it's really worth it or not....I'll say it again.....IT IS!!!! You may NOT consider this season of your life worthy of documenting or celebrating but I assure you when you look back on it you will see that it truly was special.

Recently, I put on 22lbs - that's 22lbs to an already heavy frame - brought on by a season of stress, chaos and uncertainty - I did the shoot anyways. I now look at my images and adore everything they stand for - perseverance, strength and resilience. A very tough season passing but one worth remembering. One worth celebrating. I didn't wait until I lost the weight and I'm so thankful I didn't - I look at those pictures and think - WOW! I am beautiful RIGHT NOW, they inspire and motivate me to keep bringing my best, to give myself grace and to love everything my body has offered me.

Sometimes in life we get too caught up in the future and what we believe our lives "should" look like or what we "should" look like. Rarely ever do we just stop and appreciate where we are in life, what we have in life, who we have in life....

Maybe you are truly at one of your darkest, depressing, agonizing times of your life. , I'm sorry if that is the season you are in. Most women wouldn't think to celebrate that time in their lives. But I think otherwise - I've witnessed transformation within those painful times. Let's say you do decide to book your boudoir shoot today when honestly, life can't get much worse. You'll be able to look back 5 years or even one month from now and see how far you've come. You will realize that while in the midst of the worst time of your life, you were able to show appreciation to your body and mind, do something uncomfortable and step out in faith. There is always light in the darkness and that light is YOU - you just have to believe and "see" that. You are beautiful and you can shine even when your world may feel like it's caving in.

You ARE doing it. You're making it through maybe the best, worst, or "meh" time of your lives. I mean we celebrate the best time of our lives, why not celebrate the worst....? Or better yet, why not celebrate the time you's those hard times that make you the extraordinary woman you are today. Never forget that- there is a silver lining, a glimmer of hope and that is YOU. YOU.

Reach out if you want to discuss booking a boudoir session. I'm only a text away. 920-378-8107


Believe in your self,your worth,and your beauty! Everyone has their own beauty embrace it own it! Don't compare! Believe you are enough!



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