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Don't Wait Because of Your Weight

I've had many women tell me they want to lose "" lbs. before they have a boudoir shoot.......if you know me I feel like you already know where this is going. But there isn't a number of times that can stop me from saying......YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL RIGHT NOW, EXACTLY


Self-love is a difficult concept for some women because they haven't figured out how to fully embrace it.....yet. And honestly, I don't think anyone is perfect at self-love, I feel like there will always be days where you're your worst critic. But I want women to realize that you do not have to look a certain way to love yourself or be loved by anyone else.

I have seen women who struggle terribly, no matter how many times I tell them that they're beautiful or that they look amazing, they still have doubts. I've come to learn that sometimes, it just takes more time for someone to fully heal and forgive themselves for putting themselves under so much pressure to be perfect.

I've learned women who have impossible standards for themselves tend to get those standards from social media...and let me tell media can definitely be a curse. ESPECIALLY for women because we are constantly admiring women who may have completely different body shapes than each and every one of us.


All bodies are different. That's that. I know it can be frustrating but that's where I really want to emphasize the fact that just because your body doesn't look like so and so's, doesn't mean you can't love your own body.

I know that it will take time and trust me, I'm working on it every single day too. There are days where it's easier and I truly feel like I can take on the world......but there are also days where I want to hide at home in my bed from the world. So, I'm not asking you to be perfect at self-love, all I'm asking you is that you take the time to recognize how beautiful your body truly is.

And to the women who ask, "Should I lose weight before my session?"

I kindly respond with, "Your body is unique and beautiful in its own way. You should embrace who you are and be proud of everything your body has been through. A couple pounds doesn't make you any more or any less beautiful."



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