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Prioritizing Your Privacy

My Clients privacy is my #1 priority. Making sure my clients feel like they are in a safe space is also my biggest concern. So with that, let me explain how I create a safe environment so you, as my client, feel free to be open and comfortable with your body in front of my camera.

First, I always make sure the door is locked to my studio once you've entered. That way no creeps can just walk in haha!! Windows are tinted and curtains closed. :)

Second, I have a room in my studio where you are free to change. Some women don't care if they change in front of others but for the women who do, that is why I have a changing room!

Third, the women you see on my Facebook pages, Hello Beautiful Boudoir or The Perfectly Imperfect Women of HBB, they have agreed to share their images online and signed a waiver to allow it!! Please don't feel pressured like you have to agree to share your pictures on those pages if you truly aren't comfortable. Although I will say that it's ONLY women in The Perfectly Imperfect Women of HBB because it is a VIP group. So, I get to approve or disapprove those who try to join to make sure it truly is a safe place. But that being said, your images are still online - so it's better safe than sorry if you feel it could negatively impact your life.

So, with that being said, I would love for you to share your images with the group because every client I've had is absolutely stunning in their own beautiful way, but again, I TOTALLY understand if you aren't comfortable. We all have different careers and situations in life that we need to consider.

Again...your safety and privacy is my #1 priority!!

Feel free to contact me through my website if you have any other questions that I may not have went over. Or just any questions about boudoir in general! I'm happy to help!!

*If you haven't joined my private woman's only FB group please join us by clicking here:



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