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Should I use Props at my Boudoir Session?

We've had this discussion before, and here's why we're not big fans of props (with some exceptions, of course).


Our boudoir sessions are about YOU.  


You don't want to look back on your photos someday and wish you didn't have a “strange” prop. 


The reality is, what seems important today may be something you don't ever want to see again in the future. 


For instance, consider your boyfriend, the one you vowed to spend eternity with, who enjoys chess. You decide to engage in a game of chess in your lingerie at your shoot. However, a year later, you break up and the mere sight of a chessboard sickens you. The game reminds you so intensely of your past relationship that even looking at photographs of your chess games together brings back unpleasant memories.


I think you get the picture (no pun intended) and yes, I have been made aware of this happening at least a handful of times now.


Keep it about YOU. 


Our aim is to create timeless and classic images that show who YOU are.


Of course, you can still fill your session with personal touches without using too many crazy props. If you want to wear his sports jersey or something that reflects your relationship (and not so much “you”) creating a beautiful heirloom album of timeless images but adding on some digital images to print and gift is a no fail alternative.


Not sure if a specific item will work or want our input? Contact us; no question is unimportant. This session is all about celebrating YOU!



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