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The Therapy You Never Know You Needed

When you hear the word "therapy," what comes to mind? Probably a cozy office with a therapist, a comfy couch, and lots of deep conversations, right? What if I told you that therapy can also involve strutting your stuff in front of a camera, embracing your inner diva, and having a barrel of laughs?

I get it; the idea of therapy in front of a camera might sound a tad unconventional at first. You might be thinking, "Therapy? In front of a camera? Really?" But bear with me because there's more to it than meets the eye.

Therapists often talk about self-love, but in a boudoir session, we put it into action. It's about celebrating your body, embracing your uniqueness, and capturing it all through stunning, empowering photographs. It's body positivity therapy like no other.

They say laughter is the best therapy, and trust me; there will be giggles. Whether it's attempting those amusing poses or the hilarious "I can't believe I'm doing this" moments, a boudoir session is an absolute laugh-fest. It's like a dance party with a camera, and who can resist that kind of fun therapy?

When those finished photos arrive, prepare for an ego boost that will last a lifetime. Every glance at your stunning images will serve as a powerful reminder of your unique beauty. Forget therapy sessions; we've got our very own self-esteem program right here!

I had a woman who was viewing her images say to me “I’ve been going to therapy for my self image for over 5 years and you’ve done more for me in a day than all those years together…”

Ready to give it a shot? Whether you're seeking an ego boost, a confidence injection, or just a good laugh, boudoir photography might just be the therapy you never knew you needed.



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