Why do a Boudoir or Beauty Portrait Session?

I'm 39 years old. I've done two boudoir photography shoots in my life and I will do one again - at 40. I'm giving you my word on that because I need to or I may try to avoid it.. ha!! I'm human like the rest of you and although I am trying to make healthy changes I don't exactly see myself as being in a glorious physical form by my birthday in August! But, I plan to do a session nonetheless - hold me to it!

You see... at 215 lbs and five children later I've decided I still need to celebrate where I am today. I don't see "boudoir photography" as being about sex. Not at all. I see it as a moment I can embrace my femininity, pamper myself and get a positive perspective in place. Heck, I'm even considering leaving my belly rolls in this round - because it's ME! Ha! Boudoir photography is empowering, enlightening and it's about self acceptance and love. Something MOST women do not have. If you are nervous about having your pictures taken in your underwear welcome to the club!!!! :-D But guess what?? The next best thing is on the other side of your fear. Acceptance....seeing yourself where you are now and realizing you are BEAUTIFUL. Take the step, you are worth it.

As women we are bombarded daily with images of FEMALE PERFECTION. "I will never measure up" - that's what we tell ourselves. Sadly some people really believe todays models and movie stars are "all that" - that they are just walking bombshells of beauty. Guess what? They aren't! Their necks, legs, ears, noses and even eyes get shrunk or enlarged in Photoshop - it's not really even them by the time they are manipulated! Don't be fooled ladies...they are fake! You don't have to try to measure up because THEY don't even measure up as far as the fashion, magazine and movie industry are concerned. None of us every will. So focus on accepting YOU. Lose the comparisons.

My makeup artist, Erin and I are constantly discussing how with the proper team of experts behind them ANYONE can look like a movie star. Yes, I can remove cellulite and soften wrinkles in images (most of that is taken care of with proper lighting even before editing!), I will flatter everything about you with precision posing and flattering SOFT lighting. You just bring your lingerie or even a few beautiful gowns! I will bring out your very best -- that's a promise. You will be beautiful, feel beautiful and love your images. Your age doesn't matter, your body type doesn't matter. Let us pamper you with hair and makeup, some quiet time and have a glass of wine or a champagne mimosas. Relax and enjoy some time...for you. You will surprise yourself! :)

101 Reasons you need to do a boudoir photography session:

Because you are beautiful and it's time you realize it. 

Because you want to create a jaw-dropping, unforgettable gift for your husband, boyfriend or fiance.

Because you want to be pampered, you love it actually...maybe it has been too long since you have been pampered and you deserve it. 

Because you have had a bunch of babies and well...you feel more like a run down, unsexy nobody and it's time for you to see you still exist and are there and beautiful.  

Because confidence is sexy and you want to see yourself look GORGEOUS.

Because you are turning 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70 years old and it's about damn time you stop telling yourself "one day I will do that". 

Because you left someone unhealthy  and are starting fresh or you gained health and are celebrating accomplishing your goals.

Because you are alive and defeated death.  

Because you want to feel like you can conquer the world. 

Because it's time to make use of that lingerie or go shopping for something feminine that makes you feel glorious. 

Because every woman can look like a model...all it takes is the right team behind you. 

Because even in your "imperfections" you are SO BEAUTIFUL. 

Because it's time to do something for YOU...it's time to embrace where you are today. 

Because YOU ARE ENOUGH - right where you are today...forget gaining or losing a few pounds, forget the wrinkles, forget it all and celebrate your femininity, your beauty and WHO YOU ARE.

Because, whether you believe it or not...you are a work of art.

Ok, so it's not 101 but it's a lot and I expect you to be giving me more to add to the list!

Reach out for more information to book your session today and let's get you scheduled. YOU ARE WORTH IT. Email me @ Lindsey@hellobeautifulboudoir.com

*Images used with permission. Due to the private nature of our sessions I never post clients images without written consent.

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