You Are Powerful

It’s a much anticipated date night with the boyfriend. In a dimly lit restaurant as soft music plays in the background, you watch him nervously fidgeting across the table. Your mind begins to race …

Oh. My. God.

He brought me here to break up with me, didn’t he? He wants to let me down easy. He met someone else. He’s bored. I knew that ten pounds I put on really was a big deal. What am I going to do? No, this can’t be happening.

Or … wait a minute.

Oh. My. God.

He’s going to propose. Yes! That’s it! His hints at buying a house aren’t because he’s running from me; they’re because he wants us to build a life together! Oh. Wow. Dress shopping! Cake tasting! We’ll need a live band! And then there’s the honeymoon …

In moments like these, what we wouldn’t give for the ability to read minds, right?

Or, who amongst us at one time or another hasn’t begged and pleaded on bended knee to be made invisible?

You know ladies … like that time when you were trash talking your boss to your coworker only to see her emerge from the bathroom stall with a look of utter disdain on her face.

Yeah, that time.

Super powers; we’ve all wanted them.

When we were kids, we dreamed of flying amongst the trees and leaping buildings in a single bound! Now… we dream of reading people’s minds and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

And although we like to think that our best friend’s ability to eat what they want and stay stick thin is a super power in itself, it’s really not. It’s simply the gift of a turbo charged metabolism or their enviable ability to enjoy a kickass workout (you know who you are ladies!).

There is a silver lining to this message however… what we often fail to realize is that super powers do exist within us, and … sit down for this one ladies … we use them EVERY day!

Maybe you’re the friend who always knows the right thing to say when tragedy strikes.

Maybe you’re the Mom who bakes the World’s Best Cupcakes that make your child the envy at every birthday party.

Maybe you’re the employee who can be counted on to always get the job done, the right way even if it’s in the 11th hour.

Maybe you’re the neighbor who will always lend a helping hand to watch the kids, feed the pets or borrow a cup of sugar.

These are the true Super Powers of the world ladies.

These are the natural instincts in each of us that make us POWERFUL.

Use them … every day.

They make the world a better place.

YOU make the world a better place!

Don’t shy away from challenge or fear or chaos.

Show the world your true super power!

Challenge yourself to start today!

Yes … Right here, Right NOW!

You know instinctively what makes YOU powerful!

So spill it … The rest of us are dying to know! And perhaps share this message with a friend. We could all use a little reminder of what lies within us, of our true day to day super power.

I mean … who wants to see the future anyway? The beauty of life flourishes in the element of surprise!

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